3 mm thick Epoxy Self Leveling

1. General

Planning in the project learning spaces Epoxy Self Leveling Resin flooring, 3 mm. thickness, smooth surface, high degree of mechanical and chemical abrasion resistance, easy, hygienic epoxy based floor covering system.

2. Infrastructure

Screed to be produced under the system will be 350-dose, tensile strength of at least 1.5 N / mm2.0020 will be at least 25 N / mm2 and concrete curing will be cured for at least 3 weeks. Different castings are made in the production of concrete screed, the number and location of cold joints are the specialist companies. The joints reflect exactly on the overlay. The concrete moisture content will be max. Concrete screed scale is manufactured. The screed to be poured at one time min. It should be 10 cm thick and a very smooth surface can be obtained with machine tray or steel trowel finish. Thin plates in the form of thin layers (screed etc.). The concrete adherence to which the system will be applied is free of foreign materials, dust, dirt, oil and other impurities. The foam layer to be formed on the surface will be removed by sand blasting and the dust layer will be swept with industrial brooms.

3. Layers

                           Lining (BZ POX 002)

  The substrate prepared as described in the Infrastructure A article shall be primed with two components, solvent-free, low viscosity, epoxy based colorless material.

After the component B is poured into Component A and mixed with a low speed mixer, this mixture will be poured into a clean container and remixed for 3ı4 minutes.

When the material is still wet, silica sand will be sprinkled with a consumption of 1 kg / m².

                                Coating (color)

  Three-component, solvent-free, high-gloss, glossy, epoxy-based material will be used as the main coating material. In the application phase, the colors will be determined by the project architect.

Component B is poured into Component A and mixed with a low speed mixer, then quartz sand with component C is added and mixed for 3-4 minutes. Mixing ratios of A + B components and C must be 1: 1. Material to be applied to the primed floor defined in Article A shall be applied by means of comb trowels with 3.6 kg / m² (A + B + C) material. The finish surface of the coating will be flat and shiny.

The epoxy-based layer should have a wear resistance of 70 mg (DIN 53109), a compressive strength of 60 N / mm² (EN 196-1) and a bending strength of 30 N / mm² (EN 196-1).

4. Application

  Epoxy Self Leveling Resin All construction, manufacturing, installation, painting, joinery, glass installation, etc. before moving into the flooring system application. jobs should be finished. The site must be ready for use outside the flooring system. At least 3 nem6 hours after the application of moisture, rain, etc. will be kept away from. Floor and ambient temperature should be minimum + 15˚C and maximum + 35 ortamC.

The coating completes its final cure within 5-7 days. It will not be opened before 6 days after the production is finished.

The joints to be left as 5 mm in the coating will be filled with polyurethane sealant without forming backings. The mastic color will be the most suitable color to the color coating color.

Epoxy Self Leveling Resin The manufacturer of the flooring system material manufacturer BUNZEN will follow the manufacturing instructions, the manufacturer will have a supervisor and a technician during the production.

The conformity of the flooring system with the standards specified in the specification shall be documented and submitted to the control in writing together with the application instructions.

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