Direction Epoxy makes industrial floor applications especially in retail, health, automotive and food sectors. In 2008, Directional Epoxy, which has been awarded the foundation, continues to direct the sector related to epoxy floor applications with its know-how and experience. Direction Epoxy is established in Basaksehir, and its services have been going on for years in the same place.

Direction Epoxy offers more permanent, clean, aesthetic, good-looking and dust-free floors with accurate epoxy applications to its customers. At the same time, it is very important to maintain good appearance and durability on post-epoxy surface. Direction Since its establishment, Epoxy has reached a very large customer base in the field of developing flooring and coating systems.

Direction Epoxy works with many companies and large companies especially in epoxy floor applications. We use high-quality products for our brilliantly long-lasting floor applications. If the floor applications are done incorrectly, there is no return. A very sensitive issue is the application of epoxy flooring, wall painting or plaster-like work. This is because it is not possible to do any further repairs when there is any blistering in the post-epoxy delivery of the floor. Since the material is usually imported, it is both expensive, and it will come to mean more than doubling the cost of evacuating the ground again and leaving the area to be separated for this business. Proper epoxy application means low cost, cleanliness, comfort, good image, cleanliness. Epoxy application must be done by a professional team. Exterior or interior is not like paint. We also have our craftsmen in our facility, you can really make a mistake in practice. Like everything else, there are too many tricks to apply epoxy. It is essential to use quality products for a healthy and accurate epoxy application with the expert team. Also technical solutions to be applied according to the floor.

Orientation Epoxy is followed by innovations and technical developments in time and place on floor applications. After all applications, customer satisfaction has been made absolute. Our firm, which has fully embraced the concept of quality, has always provided good opportunities for its employees, creating aesthetic and solid grounds. In all contracts we have done, our priority has been to provide the right floor application. No application has been delivered to our customers regarding the application of the epoxy, which is incomprehensible to us even though the wrong and incomplete methods are applied in the market. Direction Epoxy Quality Pharma From the outside, the application of epoxy seems to have not really been very simple in practice most of the time. However, the most detail in the field of construction, and so much the application of risk is a business. An application with a lot of technical details is epoxy floor application. Only if done with epoxy work, expert team and good quality material will get excellent results. The stage of preparation is the most important of the application of epoxy and the stage of intense points of intense. The ground hold is very important, the floor should not be very smooth or very hollow. Slippery indicates that the epoxy will break out for a certain period of time and will break off from the floor. If it is too shallow, it indicates that the floor is not very strong and the strength is low. This is also a major shortcoming. Since the floor is not solid, although the putty has been pulled, cracks will occur when the heavy loads continue to move. This is why our first quality target in epoxy applications is that the floor is long-lasting. Providing the utmost benefit to our customers can only be achieved with the right method, expert team and quality products. Customer satisfaction will only be provided with them. Of course, if the employee is not happy and satisfied, it is impossible for the customer to be happy. Therefore, the degree of happiness and satisfaction depends on the working environment provided to employees and on continuous learning. In this regard Direction Epoxy offers the best working environment for all its employees.

Direction As an epoxy resin company, in construction and construction sector; we provide the best service for epoxy flooring, self leveling, screed applications, floor care and polishing, maintenance and repair of old epoxies. Multilayer Floor Coating Self Leveling Floor Coating Epoxy Coating Mortar Floor Coating Granite Epoxy Coating Laminated Epoxy Coating Pedestrian-Forklift Road Traffic Lines Orientation Arrows Acrylic Epoxy Paint Repair Maintenance Repairs Floor Polishing and Polishing Terrazzo Epoxy Floor Coating Water Based Epoxy Coating Anti Static Epoxy Coating Anti Bacterial Epoxy Coating Direction Epoxy Mission It is our first goal to be a solution partner to all our customers and to provide added value with our epoxy applications. It has always been our principal duty to keep our applications long-lived and to stand behind our work even after many years.

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