Firstly, the suitability of the floor area to be applied is determined. After the ground is ready for application and corrected, it is transferred from the catalog or photo sharing sites to the selected site after the photographs are prepared with special techniques. The final step is coating the floor of a solvent-free liquid that is harmless to health. The waiting time between stages varies depending on the weather conditions. In the summer months, this time can be doubled in the 12-24 hour winter seasons. After the preparations are made, the ground handling is ready in 2-3 days.

The 3D decor floor has spectacular features. We can list some properties of polymeric photo floor coverings; The user designates and designs the colors, patterns, and logos to be used according to the decoration of the used environment. Thus, they show their own designs and have an authentic atmosphere. The 3D work we make is important for the health of the users with its antibacterial feature. It is often a very important factor for children who spend most of their time playing on the ground. The used areas leave a warm, sweet and beautiful weather impression.

It provides insulation against sound insulation and heat losses by absorbing noises produced in the environment. 3D Floor and Wall Coatings is a unique design applied to add depths of different designs to your living spaces by applying 3D floor covering to all tileable spaces such as Home, Office, Hospital, School, Restaurant, Spa, Pool and Beauty Center. It is protected against impact by transparent polymer-based chemicals applied on the visual image that you want in 3d application of the ground.

It can be applied to damp, wet or dry surfaces and has the possibility of disassembling when you want. 3D floor covering with specialty chemicals derived from different components we have developed with cutting-edge technology, is rapidly spreading in the world and in Turkey, endless color decoration is a modern application that offers much higher resolution than ordinary printing technology alternatives. 3-dimensional epoxy floor coatings are antibacterial.

Washable, erasable, sweepable. You can use them in the walls and floors that you want in the environment you are in, thanks to the three dimensional flooring system thanks to the visuals consisting of thousands of photographs and housed in unlimited beauty colors. The materials we use are antibacterial and very important for the health of the users and for the persons with allergic diseases. When you see our applications in terms of robustness, scratch - resistance, all question marks in your mind will be removed. The canyon is sparkling in the sea, your kitchen is in heaven gardens, your halls are in the nature scenery. With 3 Dimensional Decor, your office, your home, your elevator, your kitchen and unique look are turning into a magical place. If you are looking for a difference outside of the tiles and parquets we know, these ordinary materials are boring to you and if you want to be different, 3D floor covering is more than enough to welcome your requests and leave them amazed. In this way, we are giving 3D dimension under the feet with 3D epoxy floor covering in interior decoration.

In bathrooms, kitchens and entrances Three-dimensional designs can be applied to any surface desired in the interior. These 3-dimensional epoxy floor designs are easily applied to the entrances, bathrooms, kitchens and the floors of the rooms in the houses, and the entrances and corridor floors in the offices.

In homes, generally wet lands such as sea, nature and beach are preferred. In the offices and offices, the most preferred company can make requests according to the companionship issue, as well as making company logos for the ground work. You can apply any high-resolution landscape picture you take with your own custom applications to the floor of your room or to your kitchen cabinets or panel.

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